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As the game is'nt fully complete I would like to keep some information for the starting part secret untill it apears in the game
While certain parts may seem odd or with out explaination
They will be explained later arround the end of the dungeon
(if you want to know why 1 char has a name in the game and the others don't
Read spoilers)
While this game will be a free roam game (including the starting area)
The main free roam will happen in actual beta(after the starting areas are complete)
Free roam for the starting area and extentions to it will likely be done in alpha or a later beta, as thats not as much need, more of a improvement
In later beta or alpha there will be multible ways  to get out the start including
a selfish path
a heroic path
and a combination of both
while only one path will be able to get you all the followers in the game as i plan
The only path currently made is the heroic path which is the one you go and help
The option (appologise) will be a comination for a seperate split later
As i have not choosen where to add that addition to early or later beta yet
the currect one to choose is "CUT" which will lead to furthur parts
The area is currently straight forward as i would like to get to the free raom parts soon, and they will be released soon as well
After the start (excape)
Each person that excaped as well or thing, is planned to have a quest line

The reason they have no names is simple THEY HAVE NO NAMES
after excapeing they will name each other, so yes they will have names and they are already picked as well
Cap that you see is not Cap coin...........coin is dead :T
Your technecly the bad guy from "Anothers shoes" as the stone states
its reffering to the ones that protect or live there as you are a stranger touching their stuff.....................So yes the stones have reason
The Bunny girl....................Plot twist..........all im gonna say
Cap...............................Plot twist
Elf.................PLOT TWIST
._. i refuse to spoil these things as i think its important to leave questions untill the game explains them
The explaination for...........Main char....(not releasing name to public yet) is done later when her and...........Her fluffy freind talk and name each other ect
Blood may be added to the dead later
1 last spoiler..........For thoughs who liked the bat, that is planed to be extended by a floor or two, and after start become a optional where the player may go to refind their friendly little bat fluff, Who i will state now, will be treated as the others and have a quest line,     maybe become a follower...............maybe a pet...........this is still being debated

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Published 11 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, Boss battle, cats, Comedy, Cute, Dragons, Fantasy, Loot, RPGMaker, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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